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Chai, Chai aur more Cake :)

Our first chai (tea) aur (and) cake party was soooo good that we have decided to do a few more insha'Allah. Are you coming? Hope you are. Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 9th, 16th and 23rd. All you need to bring with you is your smile and willingness to share your views and help us sisters get active insha'Allah.

This week so far, we have the following planned;

  • Introduction from Kosser about Alburouge

  • 1 tip to help you increase in confidence

  • 1 tip to help you with self defence in any give situation

  • 1 tip to help you with nutrition

  • Special Guest; Drumroll please.........Seamstress, Nurten!

Yes, my lovely sisters, last time you asked for sewing, this week I bring you Nurten. She will share her skills with us and talk to us about her fabulous sewing skills that she can't wait to teach us all insha'Allah.

So are you coming?

Hope you are...

Text your name followed by 'YES YES YES' to 07398 730930.

See you soon insha'Allah,

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