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It's just getting better and better, Alhamdu'lillah!

We were blown away by the sisters that attended our last coffee and cake gathering!

Each and everyone of you brought along your smile, your love and your passion and determination to become part of our much needed revived sister-hood.

We had so much talent all present in one room that day, subhan'Allah. Professional seamstress, talented henna artist, adventurous cook (quite a few of them actually), French Baker, Hijama therapists..that's right not just one but three! English teachers, Nutritionists, Therapists and many more.

Don't worry if you missed it, because we are definitely doing it again, this Wednesday 16th June, usual time 9:30am.

This week our special guest is a Hijama and Mental Health therapist. She will talk to us about the benefits of hijama therapy and how it can help with mental health.

In the midst of all the excitement last week, I totally forgot to share my one tip to boost self confidence, so I'll make a point of sharing it with you all this time insha'Allah.

And maybe we will have more of what we all love, henna!

So are you coming? I hope you are insha'Allah, and do bring a friend! Text your name followed by 'YES, YES, YES' to 07398 730930 to let us know that you will be joining us insha'Allah.

All my love,


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