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A few weeks back, I came across THIS!

Memories, the best memories 🥰🥰

My children have forever been my inspiration Alhamdulillah. Back in 2009, It was my eldest daughter’s desire @maleehanoor__ to join a youth club, she was 14 years old. I couldn’t find a, ‘Halal’ youth club so I thought, ‘Hey, Why not start up my own?!’ And that’s what I did @roundwoodyouthcentre, Harlesden and the rest was history as they say...

After the youth club, followed the club for mums and babies and then one for our dear old Aunties.

Life changed in 2014 and I found myself home schooling my girls, starting activities once again, this time at #hanwellcommunitycentre, Hanwell and owning a cafe @mamaandmecafe

and then came Covid...

I’m not quite sure where 2020 went but I do know that I’ve never stopped thinking about my desire to empower my family and the community that surrounds me, young or old.

Empower is a big word, and can mean so many things. For me, my main focus has always been Muslim women and children from all cultures. To help and guide them to the best of education, nurture and motivate them to skill up or share their skills with others around them. To live this one life to the fullest insha’Allah.

And so....Guess what?!?!

P.s If any of you recognise these lovely ladies in my picture, please get them to DM me. I’d love to catch up with them for old time sake Insha’Allah.









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