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Dear Homeschooling Family,

Alburouge, incase you haven’t noticed 😉, is slowly coming back Alhamdulillah 🤲🏽

We start with Taekwondo in collaboration with @londontaekwondo and @actongardenscommunity

London Taekwondo have agreed to run some sessions during the day time, weekdays for our home Ed children

Woo Hoo!!

Wednesdays at 10am, Acton Gardens Community Centre, commencing 9th June insha’Allah.

We need 10 children aged 4+ for the sessions to run. Please see their direct message below and contact them directly to sign up your child or for further information.

*What we offer at taekwondo sessions*

1. We teach children to be confident and have the attitude of "yes I can".

2. We teach them to be disciplined, not only because they need to be disciplined but to grow better in life, and to be disciplined enough to say “NO” to peer pressure.

3. We teach them to be physically and 

mentally ready.

4. We help to strengthen their mind to do better in school.

 5. We let the children have fun as they learn the martial art of taekwondo, an opportunity of a life time!

6. We monitor their progress in school by closely communicating with them and their parents as a team.

 7. We pinpoint specific goals for each student and set them Short term goals (maybe for that day or that week), Intermediate goals (a few weeks at a time or a specific belt level) and long term goals - becoming a black belt role model.

 8. We incorporate the goals to your child's behaviour; be it mental, emotional, intellectual, or physical. 

9. The children who reach a black belt level in our academy are people with Integrity, self-discipline, and confidence. They have leadership qualities.

last but not least they become a champion in life. 


Only £35 per month

£50 insurance for *one year* and £40 for taekwondo uniform.

If you are interested please contact me on 07404076044 or email me at






#taekwondotraining #taekwondofamily

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