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What to expect?

Public Speaking Interactive Games – Various focus points are targeted through these games such as impromptu speaking, developing confidence, awareness of vocabulary, awareness of fluency, developing listening skills, storytelling techniques and vocal variety to name a few.

Public Speaking Techniques

 Students are taught the 3 C’s of public speaking, Connection, Construction and Content.

Faith Based Coaching

Where relevant reference is made to Quran and Sunnah such as the Dua’ of Musa mentioned before speech delivery.


One student is selected to either display a favourite item of their choice or mention a favourite hobby. Their peers ask them questions, developing their questioning techniques.

Evaluation Techniques

Toastmasters International’s technique of peer evaluation is used in this instance, as known as CRC, Commend, Recommend, Commend. Students listen to each other's speeches and evaluate them according to this method.

Speakers Corner

Students are given a task each week whereby they must write up a speech on a given topic. They then read out that speech to their peers during ‘Speakers Corner’ time.

Motivational Videos

A short motivational speech video is played. Students then discuss the techniques used by the speaker to engage the audience.

What Parents & Kids Say

Ibrahim, parent

My son really enjoys himself. He's just listed me a whole of things he learned in your lessons and want to continue


Student's feedback

Class was Great 🎮Fun Games we played✳Show & Tell Lesson📣TedX Talk. Improved us on Speaking Confidently🔊Teacher Helped us Improve to Speak with confidence 👾Enjoyed🎬Will Continue Insha Allan


Khayran, parent

She's enjoying a few things such as ice breakers, 30sec thumbs up .

JZK for all the effort you have put in.

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