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Alburouge Young Speakers Club is happy to be working in partnership with Al-Noor Primary School in Redbridge, Essex.

From September 2021, we will be providing an online after-school public speaking workshop for children from years 2 to 6. 

Children in year 2 are introduced to public speaking through games that enhance their speaking, listening, concentration and teamwork skills, boosting their self-confidence, motivation and self-love. The technicalities of public speaking such as how to develop a speech are explored in year 4 and above only. This session is for 45 min.

Children in years 3 to 6 will learn the art of public speaking through a variety of fun games and activities. They are taught how to connect with their audience, construct a fabulous speech and create the best content, boosting their confidence and self esteem. Developing their soft skills such as leadership and communication is key at our club. This session is for 1 hour.​

Our club follows the *LAMDA syllabus, so if a student wishes to take any of their exams this can also be arranged.​


To REGISTER please visit our book online page (scroll all the way to the bottom), and for further information, please contact us at

Join our private facebook group

*LAMDA Awards are internationally recognised qualifications. (Level 3 earns the student UCAS points, which can be used when applying for higher education courses in the UK.) See link below for further information.

Yemen is burning!

By Maryam age 11

As my protege, Maryam (age 12) sits in her room, full of mixed emotions, preparing for yet another heartfelt speech, this time on the current atrocities in Gaza, Palestine, I thought I'd upload her speech on Yemen with you all. 

Delivered on 12th July 2020 during a protest for Yemen, and then once again during a protest for BLM, Parliament Square, London. Alhamdu'lillah. 

Magic Cleaning Wand

Loves the jobs you hate!

Habibah and Fatimah from our 8-10 year group had less then 10 minutes to put together an Ad for this product and present back to class via zoom.

Have they persuaded you to buy the product? :)


A Monologue by Maryam

Our young club members were invited to speak at a recent online event held by the North West Sisters Youth Group, 'A Muslimah's Ramadan'

I was incredibly proud of the effort and bravery of all the children that took part, especially being their first event, as they had very little time to put their speech together and practice delivery.

Maryam Samar aged 12, wrote and delivered her monologue entitled, Ramadan?!

What if Ramadan was a movie?

A Monologue by Fatimah aged 8

How to prepare for Ramadan

A Monologue by Khatijah

Alburouge Young Speakers Awards

Fatimah Aged 6 took part in our Alburouge Young Speakers Awards in 2018. She bravely spoke about her life being, 'Small',  in front of a crowd of 150 people and her speech was very well received.

Alburouge Young Speakers Awards

Abdur Rahman aged 8 also took part in our Alburouge Young Speakers Awards in 2018. His eloquent speech was about Thomas Edison. Do you notice his prop? :) 


🔴Salaam sis, I feel compelled to tell you that Hasan absolutely loved the session today!  He said it was great, he made good friends and that 'Miss' was really nice. He was sad only because it was not long enough and time went so quickly 😌  Hes already looking  forward to next week!!Jzk for making it happen!
🔴Jzk for today Dawud really enjoyed the session. X
🔴Assalamu alaikum sis. My son really enjoyed yesterdays session mA. Jzkk sis. X
🔴Wa 'alaykum assalaam.  Jazaakillaahu khayran. Ibrahim and Isa really enjoyed the session today. Muhammed missed it and is looking forward to next week's session inshaAllaah.x
🔴'Alaykom Salam. I would like my child to continue Inshalah. He's just listed me a whole bunch of things he learned in your lessons and wants to continue. He really enjoys himself mashallah'
🔴'Yes my child would definitely like to continue. He's enjoying a few things such as ice breakers, 30 sec talk. So thumbs up. Jzk for all the effort you have put in. It clearly shows. X'
🔴'SalaamAisha just said she loves her drama class. She says she will miss it a lot tomorrow. Both Deenah and Ishu had said they love your  classes'
🔴'The boys benefit from your teaching and company as well mashaAllaah'
🔴A Student’s feedback:🔥Class was Great🕧Needed more time 1.5h🎮Fun Games we played✳Show & Tell Lesson📣TedX Talk.Improved us on Speaking Confidently🔊Teacher Helped us Improve to Speak with confidence 👾Enjoyed🎬Will Continue Insha Allan
🔴Wa 'alaykum assalaam ukhti. Jazaakillaahu khayran for the update. They boys really enjoyed today's class and and are looking forward to the next one. They've already started on their work for the next week.

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